Different Bomber models

Bomber Bait Co. is best known for their Bombers and Waterdogs that come in several sizes.

Bomber made plastic Bombers during 1949. These performed poorly and almost put the company out of business. Known to collectors as "49ers", these lures command a premium. They differ from the later plastic Bomber which started coming out in 1972. These newer plastic Bombers are worth very little. 1949 Bombers have a thick molded lip. 1972 Bombers have a thin lip that is inserted. Click here to view differences:
Old and new plastic Bombers

While it is pretty easy to tell these apart, it is not so easy to tell wood from plastic. Here are two that are easy to tell apart:
Wood and obvious plastic Bomber

What if they were both solid white? Look underneath, the wood Bombers always have a little screw holding in the diving lip. Plastic Bombers lack this screw:

Bomber also made wood and plastic Waterdogs. You can tell them apart the same way.
Wood & plastic Waterdogs

Different models of WOOD Bomber Bait Co. lures:

200 Bomber (in color 4), 2-1/2 inch overall length, this one sinks Model 204 Bomber

300 Bomber (in color 81), 2-3/4 inch overall length Model 381 Bomber

400 Bomber (in color 6), 3-1/4 inch overall length Model 406 Bomber

500 Bomber (in color 7), 3-1/2 inch overall length Model 507 Bomber

600 Bomber (in color 87 ), 4 inch overall length Model 687 Bomber

600HD Bomber (in color 15 ), 4 inch overall length, heavy duty L-rig for salt water Model 600HD Bomber

Hand made Bomber (in color 09), the earliest production model with yellow eyes, handmade line tie, cups made of shoe eyelets, lip made of scrap metal, dipped paint job resulting in long thin nose made of paint (usually broken off) Hand made Bomber

No-eye Bomber, made only a few years in the 1940s. Model No-eye Bomber

1949 plastic Bomber (in color 13), comes in three sizes, made only in 1949, note heavy plastic lip. Model 613 1949 plastic Bomber

Early wood Bomber with eyes (in color 16), these came out about the same time as the 1949 plastic, more pointed nose and flat cups, small "x" in "Luxon" on line tie Model 616 "early" wood Bomber

Late wood Bomber (in color 59), these are the last of the wood Bombers and the most common, commonly called "late" wood, rounded cups and large "X" in "LuXon" Model 659 "late" wood Bomber

700 Bomberette Model 719 Bomberette

800 Bomberette large size Model 816 Bomberette

2700 Midget Bomberette Model 2733 Midget Bomberette

1200 Knothead Model 1203 Knothead

1300 Knothead Model 1301 Knothead

1500 Waterdog (small) Model 1558 Waterdog

1600 Waterdog (medium) Model 1606 Waterdog

1700 Waterdog (large) Model 1759 Waterdog

4000 Top Bomber (small) Model 4003 Top Bomber

6000 Top Bomber (large) Model 6011 Top Bomber

4300 Jerk (small) Model 4330

4400 Jerk (medium) Model 4422

4500 Jerk (large) Model 45??

7200 Baby Spin Stick Model 7253

7300 Spin Stick Model 7307

7400 Stick, no props, weighted tail Model 7253