Bomber Color Charts


# Color - CLICK on the link to see a close up view of each color. If there is no link, I probably don't have an example of that color. Sell me yours!
ALL colors pictured are wood lures. There are too many plastic Bomber colors to try to list them so I am sticking with colors found on wood lures. For a discussion of how to tell plastic from wood, go back to the section on Bomber Types.
01 White Bomber01
01MG White/gold metal scale
02 Black Bomber02
03 Grey scale Bomber03
04 Red head/white Bomber04
04H red head with silver scale body Bomber color 04H
05 Green perch Bomber05
06 White/black ribs Bomber06
07 Yellow perch Bomber07
08 White/black shadow stripe Bomber08
080 same as color 08 but with sparkles Bomber080
09 Pearl (looks like white but if you look close there are blue & yellow spots under white paint) Bomber09
10 White/red tail & head Bomber10
11 Frog Bomber11
12 Orange/black ribs Bomber12
13 Red side scale Bomber13
14 Black/white ribs Bomber14
15 Christmas Tree Bomber15
16 Black/silver flakes Bomber16
17 Rainbow Bomber17
18 Brown Shad Bomber18
19 Yellow/silver flakes Bomber19
20 Yellow/black ribs Bomber20
21 Crawdad Bomber21
22 Candy Bomber color 22
23 Blue Scale Bomber color 23
24 Silver Mullet Bomber color 24
25 White with sparkles (special order) Bomber color 25
26 Yellow, red scale (jig)
27 Orange, Brown scale (jig)
28 White, Silver flakes (jig) Bomber color 28
30 Bee Bomber color 30
31 White, Found only on Midget Bomberettes - same as color 01 Bomberette color 31
32 Black, Found only on Midget Bomberettes - same as color 02
33 Silver scale (black back stripe) Bomber33
34 White/red head, Found only on Midget Bomberettes - same as color 04
35 Green Perch, Found only on Midget Bomberettes - same as color 05
36 White/black dots Bomber36
37 pink/white dots Bomber37
38 Gold scale Bomber38
39 Yellow/black dots Bomber39
40 Silver Shad Bomber40
41 Frog, similar to regular frog (color 11) but found on Midget Bomberettes
42 Orange/black dots, Finally got one! Thanks Glen! Bomber color 42
43 Green Shad Bomber43
44 Black/white dots Bomber44
45 White/colored flakes, Found only on Midget Bomberettes Bomber color 45
47 Rainbow, Found only on Midget Bomberettes - same as color 17
48 Yellow body, Red head (Gimmick)
49 silver Bomber color 49
50 yellow body,black head (Gimmick)
51 White/red side flitter Bomber color 51
52 Yellow Red side flitter
53 Yellow Dog Bomber color 53
54 Green Back,Silver Side
55 Coachdog Bomber55
56 Black Mullet Bomber56
57 Yellow/black shadow stripe Bomber57
58 Smoke Bomber58
59 Yellow Coachdog Bomber59
60 Yellow (Gumpy Jig)
61 Yellow and Black Beetle (Slab Spoon)
62 Red head/silver scale (color 33) tail Bomber62
70 Silver back/yellow belly/silver sparkle Bomber70
71 Purple back/yellow belly/silver sparkle Bomber71
72 Black back/white belly/silver sparkle Bomber72
73 Blue Mullet Bomber73
80 Metascale Silver back shad Bomber80
81 Metascale Yellow back shad Bomber81
82 Metascale black back shad Bomber82
83 Metascale green back shad Bomber83
84 Metascale red back shad Bomber84
85 Metascale orange back shad Bomber85
86 Metascale purple back shad Bomber86
87 Metascale blue back shad Bomber87
88 Gold Metascale/yellow shad Bomber88
89 Gold Metascale/white shad Bomber89
BB Baby Bass Bomber BB
BJ Black/white Bee Bomber BJ
BM Black Mullet (Stick & Spin Stick)
BN Bone
BOBB Blaze Orange Tiger
BOMG Blaze Orange/Gold metal scale
BSBO Light Crawdad Bomber color BSBO
BY Brown on (hot) yellow Bomber color BY
FO Flourescent Orange Bomber FO
FR Flourescent red
FRBD Flourescent red/black dots Bomber color FRBD
FT Fire Tiger Bomber color FT
FY Chartreuse Bomber color FY
FYBB Fluorescent Yellow/black back
FYRBD Fluorescent yellow/red & black dots Bomber FYRBD
FYFO Fluorescent yellow/flourescent red Bomber FYFO
FYSC Chartreuse/silver side Bomber color FYSC
Jerk 15 this is the Christmas Tree color for jerks.  (no ribs) Jerk 15
MB Metachrome black back BomberMB
MC Metacopper BomberMC
ME Metagold green back BomberME
MG Metachrome green back BomberMG
MK Metagold black back BomberMK
ML Metachrome blue back BomberML
MO Metachrome BomberMO
MR Metachrome red back BomberMR
MY Metachrome yellow back BomberMY
O Fluorescent Yellow,red & black dots
RS Red Scale Bomber color RS
RT Rainbow Trout Bomber RT
SC Silver Side Bomber SC
SF Black back/silver scales/ with sparkles Bomber color SF
TB Teel Blue Bomber TB
TS Tennessee Shad
YSC Yellow silver side Bomber YSC

Some of the above production colors are common on Jerks or Spin Sticks but scarce on regular Bombers. Candy, Bee, and Yellow Dog are examples of colors that are common on Jerks but seldom found on Bombers. When found on Bombers, they are most often the 600HD model. The 600HD was meant for salt water as were the Jerks so it is understandable that this bait would carry "salt water" colors.
There are many other special order colors or colors that may be regular production that I have been unable to positively identify. I WANT any of these or any that are not on my color charts.
Blue scale Bomber color Blue scale?
HS Houston Special Bomber Houston Special
Huffine like color 08 but with red head Huffine
Red Christmas Tree, just like color 15 only red Bomber color 15R?
Red Head/yellow scale Bomber color RHYS?
SOB Special Order Black Bomber SOB
TB Teel blue, like color 87 but not metascale Bomber TB
If you have any colors not shown here, I would like to add them. Send me a jpg picture and I will include them. BETTER yet sells me the rascal so he kin be with his shipmates.

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