Different types of Bomber boxes

Bomber Boxes - number codes are from Jim Bourdon's book:

Type 1 Boxes say "Bomber Manufacturing Co." on them. They have no mention of patents or trademarks. These are tough boxes to find. SELL me one! Box 1

Type 2 boxes were used for early yellow eye, and no-eye Bombers. They were used 1946-49:
2A1 - This type is not shown in Bourdon's book and apparently comes before his 2A since it does not have "Trade Mark Reg.". Yellow with picture of "No-eye" Bomber, ONLY Pat Pend. and California St. address -1946. Box 2A1
2A2 - Yellow with picture of "No-eye" Bomber, Trade Mark Reg. & Pat Pend. and California St. address. 1946-47 Box 2A2
2B - Yellow with picture of "No-eye" Bomber, Patent number no street address 1947-49. Box 2B

Type 3 boxes are orange with a picture of a painted eye Bomber on top. They were used 1949-55:
3A - side panel has a white "bomb" area that is used to stamp the code number of the lure contained inside. These boxes were used for the 1949 plastic lures or "49ers." They were also used for the early painted orange eye Bombers. To distinguish the difference some of the end panels were appropriately marked.
Box 3A "WOOD" with "early wood" type Bomber
Box 3A with a plastic red scale 49er
3B - side panel has two white ovals for marking type and code. This type box was used for other lures besides bombers Box 3B Bomberette

Type 4 boxes have no picture but are still two piece cardboard. The company logo has replaced the picture. They were used from 1955-61
These boxes come in three sizes: Standard, Long for the Waterdog, and short for the smaller lures. Box 4 short

Type 5 boxes were the last type to house wood lures. They have cardboard bottoms and plastic sleeve covers. They come in two sizes and many variations to house different kinds of Bomber Bait Co. lures. They were used from 1962 on. Box 5 standard "Bushwacker"

Special Order Bombers usually came in boxes with the color code ending in "00" Unlike Creek Chub, Bomber did not have a color 00. There will usually be some other code on the box to indicate it is a special order. Pictured is a Special Order box for a 300 Bomber in "Smoke". Later Smoke became a standard color number 58.
Special box